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What are everyone’s thoughts about our draw and anything tourney related?

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Of course we will hear from Rod and Eric, but I would be curious to hear from some of the posters here, too. 

I have to wonder if Izzo and the players understood that their draw would not be affected much by their conference tournament success or lack of it, and perhaps that is why they played with so little inspiration. Meanwhile, OSU knew the only way to get to the tournament was to pull off the impossible, which they came closer to doing than I thought they could. 

I like our draw and making it to the Final Four seems more than simply possible, although I won’t say “likely.”

The conference got 8 teams in, but I was surprised Rutgers didn’t make it. I would like to see PSU and Northwestern to get a couple of victories. If they do, perhaps their programs could take another step and recruit better. 

It’s nice to see Wisconsin and UM out, even though my wife works for Wisconsin and I am moving to Madison in a couple of months and may start working there myself. Right now I work for Kennesaw State University and they are playing in their first ever NCAA tournament.

I said earlier in the year that I liked a starting group of Walker-Akins-Hall-Hauser-Sissoko, and while I see Hoggard as perhaps the teams most important player, he is also one of the most inconsistent ones. In the tourney, we need consistency. I hope he can bring it every game.  

Posted : 13/03/2023 1:10 am
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I expect the shooting to return and we make it through the weekend. I’m not convinced that defense will return. Defense may be a bit better than what it’s been recently but putting strong efforts on both sides of the court isn’t likely and offense will win the first two game for us. I look forward to the weekend. It should be fun.

Posted : 14/03/2023 7:27 pm
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This group is due for success.  I am expecting big things from

Hall, Houser and Walker.  Time for this team to make some history.  GO GREEN! 

Posted : 15/03/2023 12:20 am
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I am glad to see the optimism, Beans 77 and PerlesGirl88, as this team’s inconsistency has taken a toll on mine. I hope Hall’s body lets him play to his potential because when he is healthy he is one of our more consistent players this year, with Hauser being our most consistent. 

Posted : 15/03/2023 1:14 am
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This tournament could hardly be going better for me. I don’t fill out brackets because I don’t want to be conflicted between whom I want to win versus whom I think will win, but seeing Purdue, Iowa, and Illinois all lose in their first games is fairly satisfying. Seeing MSU, PSU, and Northwestern all win was even more satisfying. While I don’t like Woodson much, I do like TJD, so I am rooting for Indiana tonight.

I was rooting for Drake (because I know Eric likes them), but it looks like they are going to fall short. Kennesaw, where I teach, fell a little short, but played impressively. I went to Marquette for my doctorate, but I’ve never been a fan of their teams. 

I was a little surprised today to hear an announcer say that Boogie Ellis was the best guard MSU saw all year. I haven’t seen many I would put in front of Jalen Pickett. 

When MSU went on a run with Hoggard on the bench and Walker running the point, I wasn’t surprised. In fact, I really like that lineup of Walker-Akins-Hall-Hauser-Cooper. 

Posted : 18/03/2023 2:13 am
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Copying hockey and their three stars. 

Coop Coop Coop! When that brief injury stretch derailed his progress, not to mention his minutes, I had come to the conclusion that that was it for him this season. Glad to see him and his progress back! 

Walker was wonderful. When Hoggard was sent to the bench with 3 fouls after that crappy flop, Walker's poise was outstanding. That's when the run took off. Kudos to him. 

Also, Hauser was once again everything we need of him. Much respect for the season he's put together.

Can't wait for tomorrow! 

Kindness is free.

Posted : 18/03/2023 11:42 am
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