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2023-24 Schedule

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From what I can gather so far ...

- Pre B10 Season

Nov 14 Duke (Chicago)

Nov 17 Butler (East Lansing)

Nov 23 Arizona (Palm Springs)

Is this normal timing to only have three games schedule or am I missing some?  I'd have to imagine Oakland gets added in there and then at least one of the three MI MAC schools.  A lot to be determined.  Hopefully, there's some tough games but not at the expense of an overdone travel schedule.

- B10 Season

Home & Home games:  Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Northwestern, Penn State & Wisconsin

Home only games:  Iowa, Ohio State & Rutgers

Road only games:  Indiana, Nebraska & Purdue

It's disappointing that Purdue doesn't have the challenge of coming to East Lansing.  Meanwhile, Purdue's home only games are MSU, Minnesota and Penn State with road only games against Maryland, Nebraska and Ohio State.  Besides them getting us home-only, it's hard to tell who has a scheduling advantage as the Big Ten can change dramatically year-to-year.  

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Posted : 24/05/2023 8:32 pm