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Nudge Printing is a high quality sports apparel company based in Michigan founded by MSU grads. One of the few that is licensed to sell Michigan State branded clothing, Nudge has positioned itself as a leader in providing a huge selection of comfortable and durable clothes. Their selection of vintage and contemporary clothing is second to none.


The Brothers that Just Do Gutters is a business that focuses on just one thing – gutters. Critical to the health of your home – especially in Michigan – the Brothers can clean, repair, or replace any part of your gutter needs. Whether you need leaf guards, heated gutters, or new down spouts you can rest assured the the Brothers will get the job done quickly and efficiently. 

For those in the metro Detroit area click here for your free estimate.

For those in the metro Grand Rapids area click here for your free estimate.


Having the right people service your car is critical to keeping your life moving without interruption. Whether its a tune up or oil change or your vehicle is making a weird noise, head on over to Christian Brothers Automotive of Grand Rapids. 4 convenient locations and a guarantee of an honest mechanic. They pride themselves in taking care of the customer quickly and honestly.

For those in the metro Grand Rapids area click here to find your nearest location.


The Squeegee Squad of Grand Rapids is a small business that does big jobs (and small ones too!). Whether it is cleaning your home’s windows, caring for your commercial space, or washing your high rise – the Squeegee Squad can handle all the jobs. Not only do the do interior and exterior window and screen cleaning, but they can also power wash the exterior of your home or business to give it the sparkle you want.

Contact them today to get a free estimate.


LMNT is an alternative electrolyte rehydration formula that doesn’t have the sugar and calories that you find in popular drinks like Gatorade. LMNT provides the sodium, potassium, and magnesium to help you recover without all the other stuff. Just add a flavored pack to some water and you’re all set to go. A great way to stay hydrated and reaching your daily hydration goals so much easier. Click here to get your introductory LMNT electrolyte gift. Any order (including a simple variety pack) gets you a free variety pack.

Retired MSU assistant basketball coach, Mike “the OG” Garland has written the first behind the scenes book on the Tom Izzo era. Blending his deep basketball insights with life lessons and anecdotes about the players and coaches never before seen before provides one of the best peek behind the curtain sure to delight MSU fans. Click here to purchase a personalized signed copy of the book.


Have you ever thought about starting a podcast? Podbean is an excellent platform for distributing your show. Simple to use, affordable, and a responsive support team has made Podbean our go to service for The Final Four Is Not on the Schedule. An added benefit is that when your show becomes popular Podbean offers ways to monetize it through a very easy to use advertisement platform.

If you’re looking at adding a podcast for your business to increase sales or find ways to reach out to your customers – we’d recommend Podbean as the choice of a platform. It is a very simple platform to navigate, has a responsive support staff, and reasonable pricing. We find the platform has fit our show best and gets it out to all the podcast players efficiently and simply.

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