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I lived in Chicago for the Bulls Jordan era.  I will never say that the guy is not a great basketball player, but it sickens me that decades later people are still wiling to get on their knees for this guy. Maybe I am alone in my thinking here, but for God's sake, can't someone call that selfish bastard out for what he was... 

Posted : 05/04/2023 9:11 pm
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I lived in Michigan for the Jordan era. That was a very hard rivalry, so my views (and many I know) tend to be tainted. Whereas i finally came around on Brady and have to say he is the greatest, I never did the same on Jordan and still say I'd rather have Magic or Bird. I also say the NBA wanted those Jordan teams to be successful and that is when they began an evolution of how a game is called, making it harder on defenses and more offensively friendly. Fast forwarding to today, the NBA game is largely unrecognizable to what it was in the 80s.  To me, Jordan was the initiating cause of that. 

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Posted : 06/04/2023 12:00 pm
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I always thought it was significant that Magic was able to win a championship in his first year and that Bird was able to in his third year. It took Jordan seven years. He had to wait until Magic and Bird were in the twilight years of their careers before winning. Meanwhile Bird and Magic always had to contend with each other in their prime. Bird and Magic made every player on the team better, while Jordan, as great as he was individually, had much less of a positive impact on his teammates. The distance between Jordan and Pippen contrasts sharply between the relationships Bird and Magic had with their costars. 

Posted : 06/04/2023 1:09 pm
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This is not so much a Magic vs Michael issue, but rather that ESPN and Nike made him out to be someone he is not. A great basketball player.  Sure.  The GOAT... up for debate.  A king size asshole.  You bet.  MJ is a monster and continues to be sheltered by the press and those morons who named their kids after him.   This movie is simply more proof ...

Posted : 07/04/2023 7:58 pm