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Guards rebounding

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Just listened to pregame WI podcast which was excellent.

I would like to point out something that I believe is significant and has not been talked about much. 
MSU guards, Walker in particular, have been talking away opportunities for opponents to score better than any other of Izzo’s teams including the NC team.

Has anyone noticed that we not only have the lowest turnover rate for MSU team at 10.3 a game but opponents have a 13 TO a game. That’s never happened before. 
MSU steals the ball at 7.2 a game. The best prior to this season was NC season at 6.5. 
If you’re turning opponents over then they can’t take a shot which means no rebound. 
Last game we had the TO gap at 10. Let’s say those 10 TO’s don’t occur and they manage to sink 3 shots  If the guards manage to get the 7 rebounds our rebounding avg goes up but we probably lose the game. 
Would we rather see Holloman get a rebound to end the game and lose or steal the ball and preserve the win?

Posted : 25/01/2024 5:47 pm
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You make good points. I don’t have the KenPom stats at my fingertips so learning that MSU had less TOs than opponents is great and explains how this team can be more efficient. 

Posted : 30/01/2024 4:51 pm
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Um 13 TO MSU 6

of the 13 TO 11 were steals 

Tyson Walker 3 steals

Posted : 31/01/2024 4:44 am