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Hillsdale Exhibition Results and Thoughts

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I enjoyed hearing Rod’s and Eric’s thoughts on the game. I would be curious what others saw and found significant.  

  • I am a big Holloman fan and I thought he showed that he will deserve minutes. Given the way Izzo wants to play, he might be a necessary player. I also think many fans under-appreciate his athleticism, his physical attributes, and his attitude. Izzo is going to demand much from his guards, including that they defend and rebound, and I think Holloman will do that about as well as any of the others. If Izzo was putting an “all-dawg” team on the floor, Holloman would be on it.
  • Hall was the biggest disappointment. I believe he has all-conference ability and could be one of the more important players on the team. He needs to lead by example and should get at least a couple of offensive rebounds a game. Even in a game that was never in doubt, he needs to do the grunt work Izzo requires. 
  • While I had seen how explosive Carr is from some highlight videos, I was really impressed by a couple of his put-backs. He seems to be rebound and slam the ball home in the blink of an eye. I would go so far to say that I was more impressed watching him play than watching him in his dunk contests.
Posted : 26/10/2023 5:27 pm