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Reaffirming Don't Doubt Izzo (or my sneaky way of adding in a non-basketball topic)

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While I don't ever recall seeing as such on this board, there was certainly plenty of chatter last year in other places, including the press, about Izzo's lack of use of the portal.  First of all, that was a little bit ridiculous given a strategic use of pre-portal transfers from Mark Chappel all the way through Joey Hauser and, notably, Bryn Forbes in-between.  Even in the portal era, Tyson Walker has been a great find.  Nonetheless, there was plenty of whining last year about not bringing in a big and going with his 'own' guys.  Well, if that other sport in town has taught us anything, you live by the portal, you die by the portal. Loyalty matters and is a two-way street. 

Don't ever doubt it, Izzo has always adapted, no matter what has gone on in the game.  Personally, I am very thankful for all the great entertainment over the decades that has been provided with ethics and high values. 

Kindness is free.

Posted : 01/05/2023 11:01 pm
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It seems to me that Izzo wants to recruit high schoolers first and use the portal when he has to respond to an early departure or something unexpected. I think maybe Rod mentioned this once, but the likely reason the guys of this team are not leaving the loaded roster this year is Izzo stuck with them last year when he could have gone to the portal. Meanwhile, so many other schools are using the portal to replace the ones they are losing to the portal. 

I also like that Izzo appears to be balancing out his recruiting with half of them being 3-4 year players and the other half being 1-2 year players.  

Posted : 02/05/2023 3:22 am