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Winston-Bridges-Ward versus Fears-Carr-Booker

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I didn’t think that the freshman group of Fears, Carr, and Booker would get enough playing time to compare to the group of Winston, Bridges, and Ward, but after watching the first two scrimmages, I am starting to think they might earn the time and the comparison. Especially Fears and Carr play with a confidence and a maturity beyond their years. On top of that both bring athleticism and intensity that this team has lacked at times in the recent past. With Kohler out, Booker is going to play more than I thought. I am really liking this group.


Posted : 04/11/2023 4:43 pm
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Don’t forget that Langford was part of that crew and had an impact as a Frosh. Gerhig doesn’t look to be in the mix much this season. The freshmen also aren’t as critical as they were with the Winston class. I’m with you though in that I am surprised at how impactful these Freshmen are probably going to be. 

Posted : 05/11/2023 3:27 am
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I didn’t forget Langford or Normand, but since Normand hasn’t played much in the exhibitions, perhaps because of injury or because he is not going to be in the rotation, I left those two out. I would not be surprised, though, if Normand becomes as valuable a player as Langford became. I’m fairly optimistic about his future. 

Posted : 06/11/2023 2:16 am
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