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Wisconsin Loss

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Just listened to Wisconsin loss analysis. Rod and Eric were frustrated and befuddled to put it nicely. I believe that MSU is also frustrated and befuddled. Without knowing each player personally the only thing we can surmise is if they could figure this out as a team then they would do it. Apparently they are stuck in a rut with no way to get out of it. Unless they have an epiphany it’s unlikely they will figure it out. Past great teams had one or more players who could be a force (I’m not keen on using the word leader because that implies intent to be a force). I don’t see a force on this team. They all have the skills to play with any team. But they need a force that pushes and pulls them together. Izzo can’t be that force that is clear. If so they would be playing a game like they do in practice. It has to be one or more people on the team. That person or persons can still step up but it appears that force is reluctant to show himself right now. I still believe in the team because Izzo believes. We may not win another game all year but it won’t be because Izzo isn’t doing his best to get that force on the floor. It just may be that this team can’t get past their fear and the force stays untapped. 

Posted : 06/12/2023 3:18 pm
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Being a Spartan basketball fan in November and December can be frustrating. I stop posting often this time of year because I can get pretty negative. Izzo used to talk about his teams getting better over Christmas break, and I expect it will happen again. MSU could win 4 of the next 5 to finish 2023, and then go on a tear in January. It’s happened before. 

Posted : 08/12/2023 4:12 am