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Player Interviews

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For those who might not have listened to every player interview so far, Eric and Rod have asked them all about what they have seen from the freshmen. If you wanted to read way too far into their answers(I like to do that because it's fun), it sounds like Carr has been the best freshman in practice. Tre's answer in his interview seemed pretty emphatic when he brought up Carr. Add in the fact that Izzo has waxed poetic about Carr's offensive rebounding, I have a strong feeling that the freshman has won himself some PT in practice over other players, not just freshmen. First or second player off the bench?

Posted : 16/08/2023 4:19 pm
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It makes sense to me that Carr has a chance to get the most minutes as a freshman. 

Booker has 3 bigs and Hall who will likely get more minutes than he does.

Fears has the starting guards and Holloman to battle for playing time.

Carr fills a position of need and brings a unique ability. He can probably play the 3 and 4. We often use the term “a poor man’s . . .” to refer to a new player being a slightly lesser version of a previous player, but I would not be surprised if Carr becomes a “rich man’s Dawson.” 

Posted : 16/08/2023 4:28 pm
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I totally agree with Carr's potential. I think we all know that getting boards - especially on the offensive end - and defending is what gets you minutes as a freshman. Izzo rewards players for what they get done in practice but they still have to produce in the game too. I think just the nature of what freshmen are expected to do lends the most PT to Carr and Fears. Booker fills a need at the 4 but our three headed 5s might be able to spell some time there too. Gehrig, as much as I like him, will have trouble getting out there because he struck me as a guy who thinks he gets minutes with his shot. Maybe he will surprise me but CTI will want the other intangibles instead. That said, I think Normand can bring those but we will see if he figures out that is what's most important.

Posted : 23/08/2023 2:50 am