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Twitter Space 6/27 7 PM ET. Join Us

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We're going to try something new tomorrow night. We're going live on Twitter space to record a show. That means (I think) that you can be a part of the show. Log into Twitter around 7 to catch our discussion of MSU greats who were not highly ranked recruits. Our Twitter handle is @TFFINOTS68

Posted : 27/06/2023 3:33 am
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Great idea! I have a prior commitment but will certainly check out anything available afterwards and also look to participate live for future events. Have a great show!

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Posted : 27/06/2023 9:40 pm
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Great podcast and hard to argue against the top 10. I would probably have put Draymond first.

Even though, Goins does not quite measure up as an all-time Spartan, I would give him an honorable mention as a Spartan who far surpassed expectations. 

Posted : 06/07/2023 11:00 am
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