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Hall Announces His ...
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Hall Announces His Return

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MLive and SpartanMag are reporting that Hall announced via social media that he indeed is returning as well.  With the extra Covid year, Hall will likely pass Draymond for most games played all-time.  He currently has 118 games and Green and Summers both have the all-time record with 145. 

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Posted : 11/04/2023 9:28 pm
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While Walker has shown to be the better player, next year’s team may benefit even more for having Hall than Walker. The depth in the backcourt is incredible, but the depth of the front court was suspect until Hall came back. I hope he stays healthy! 

Posted : 11/04/2023 10:23 pm
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I especially like Hall a little more in that he is a more versatile player. Probably not as dominant in any one way but if he’s healthy he will be an amazingly key part of their success next year. 

I also have to believe Joey has made his decision to move on but will give Malik a day or two to be the focus for the team. 

Posted : 11/04/2023 10:31 pm
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Both guys are critical to next year’s overall picture. Hall brings so much versatility and experience at a spot where they really need it. In Walker, You have a dynamic guard who has the ability to get his own shot more or less at will at this level, and a mindset which evolved over the season into that of a guy who wants the ball in big moments. It makes MSU’s guard group as good as we’ve seen it in terms of overall quality and depth. When you’re talking about a McDonald’s AA as a backup?  You’re in good shape. 

Posted : 12/04/2023 12:21 am